Title Type Category
Coding and Billing for Provider-Based Services Forms Auditing and monitoring, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
Sample anemia query Forms Hospital inpatient
2016 Modifier Update: NCCI and Modifier -59 Webinars Hospital outpatient, Training
ICD-10-PCS Destruction codes for the bursae and ligaments crossword puzzle Forms Hospital inpatient
Multi-system organ failure query form Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
Challenges for Wound Care Coding in 2016 Webinars Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Repair codes for the subcutaneous tissue and fascia Forms Hospital inpatient
OIG Audit Response Letter
Post-op Respiratory Failure Query Sample Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS Crossword Puzzle for Repair codes for the ear, nose, and sinus Forms Hospital inpatient
Coding Clinic White Paper White Papers Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle for Reattachment codes for the muscles Forms Hospital inpatient
White Paper: How ‘R’ are you coding severe sepsis? Why the R-code matters Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
2017 CPT dialysis circuit coding quick reference guide Forms Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
ICD-10-PCS Crossword puzzle for aortic valve Supplement codes Forms Hospital inpatient
Injections and Infusions: Keys to Successful Documentation and Coding Webinars Auditing and monitoring, Clinical documentation, Health information management, Hospital outpatient, Questions and answers
ICD-10-PCS Crossword Puzzle for Dilation of the Left Hand Artery Forms Hospital inpatient
Bile Leak Query Example Forms Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS Insertion codes for intracardiac pacemakers crossword puzzle Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
"The Essential CDI Guide to Provider Queries" Excerpt Books Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient