Integumentary system coding scenarios

1.A physician performs an incision and drainage of a subcutaneous abscess in his or her office for a particularly uncooperative established patient. How should this procedure be reported?

2.A patient presents to a physician's office with a large hematoma on the right leg. The physician performs a puncture aspiration in order to drain blood from the hematoma. How should this service be reported?

3.A diabetic patient presents with infected skin on his left leg. The vascular surgeon decides to treat the infection by debridement. Two percent of the body surface area is debrided. How should this procedure be reported?

4.A patient presents to the emergency department (ED) with an open arm fracture. The physician debrided the injury site, removed some loose gravel from the site, and then referred the patient out for fracture care. The ED physician's documentation states that the depth of the debridement was down to and including the bone. How should the debridement be reported?

5.How would the removal of the gravel in the above question be reported?